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Sinop Kale Excavations' Presentation of its Pharnakes Shield replica

On Monday, September 23rd, a delegation of 24 civic leaders from the city of Sinop, Turkey, came to the historic The Explorers Club in New York City for the unveiling of an exact bronze copy of the Shield of King Pharnakes I, one of the outstanding pieces in the Getty Villa collections. The shield was produced in Prof. Alex Bauer's Ancient Metallurgy class at Queens College, The The City University of New York, as recounted in previous posts of the Sinop Kale Excavations project.

The delegation from Sinop included Parliamentary Representative Barış Karadeniz, city Mayor Barış Ayhan and Deputy Mayor Aydın Hakan Sönmez. The Sinop delegation traveled all the way from Turkey to celebrate the dedication of the shield as the symbolic foundation for a partnership between the Sinop Kale Excavations, directed by Prof. Owen Doonan, and the city administration. The group will continue south to Washington D.C. for a lecture by Prof. Doonan at the World Bank later in the week.

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